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Stow-A-Way products are ideal for protecting new plants and seedlings from birds and pets digging in freshly sown beds. Plant screens and cloches are lightweight and easily stored. 

  • The Cloches are PVC covered offer excellent light frost protection and enables extra growth in early spring and speeds growth on vegetable plants in autumn. 
  • Faster packet seed germination can be achieved when using the cloches similar to a small cold-frame.  
  • For heavy frost protection, use two screens with opened newspaper between. Ideal also, for keeping excess rain off newly sown seed.
  • Shade cloth can also be used over the screens.
  • All units are easily anchored in place with 600mm Bamboo stakes.(not provided)

2 Sizes / 4 Units to Choose from.

  • Large U.V. Covered Cloche 900mm l x 235mm w x 160mm h
  • Small U.V. Covered Cloche 900mm l x 100mm w x 100mm h
  • Large Plain Screens 900mm l x 235mm w x 160mm h
  • Small Plain Screens 900mm l x 100mm w x 100mm h

Wholesale Only

Delivered NZ wide, ready to sell in a display carton holding 30 Units of any size screen or cloche.

Minimum order 30 units - select your preference of mixed screens and cloches 

Product units available multiples of 5 or 10 to a total of 30 as a minimum

What is the best mix to order?

Our biggest selling unit is our standard mixed carton.

Comprised of:

  •  10 x Large UV Covered Cloche
  •  5 x Small UV Covered Cloche
  • 10 x Large Plain Screens
  •  5 x Small Plain Screens

Contact us for updated prices.

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